Ling Zhou

Personal Page

This page is out of date. Find my personal page here:

I am a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics at the Ohio State University, under the supervision of Facundo Mémoli. I am also an organizer of the weekly meetings of the research group Network Data Analysis at OSU.

My research interests are applied algebraic topology, computational geometry, topological data analysis.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Math and Applied Math at Sichuan University, China. Before coming to OSU in 2017, I earned my Master’s degree in Math at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.




Python Projects

This is a group project to project to study Steam games and user data, involving classification, prediction and survival analysis. See video presentation. My contribution includes scrapping monthly time series data over the past 10 years of 10k+ games, exploratory data analysis for 70k+ features of 57k+ games using scatter matrix and histograms, and a model to find similarity of the trends of different games, to provide advice for game developers.

This is a group project to build models for determining whether a painting is in Van Gogh’s style or not. See presentation slides. In this project, I applied topological data analysis tool to study the brush strokes of the digitalization of the paintings.